Prettier and stylelint not running on save

Two issues:

1. Prettier not reformatting code on command + s even though this is specified in Preferences settings. Option + command + shift + p works, but it's annoying. 

2. Stylelint not working when I command + s

Thanks for any suggestions.


What action is Cmd+S assigned to in Preferences | Keymap? "On save" actions only work on File > Save All (and not on Save Document, for example), so you need to make sure that Cmd+S is used for Save All


Hi Elena,

Thank you for your response!

On Preferences | Keymap when I add command + s i get this message.

Then i click 'ok' and I get this: 

And I hit keep and command + s still doesn't work. I'm assuming that keep means 'cancel' on my shortcut?



what shortcut is Save All action assigned to?


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