Pin dependency plugins to specific versions


Is there a way to pin a plugin dependency to a specific version or prevent upgrades of a specific plugin?
For example, say I have a plugin `foo-bar` that uses an API from plugin `other-plugin`.
`foo-bar` version 1.0 is only compatible with `other-plugin` version 1.0.

If my users use plugin `foo-bar` version 1.0, but decide to upgrade `other-plugin` to version 2.0, then there could be backwards incompatibility issues, and my plugin would throw errors such as `NoSuchMethodError`.

I know the idea of a plugin forcing another plugin to have a specific version is a bit weird/violating/etc., but my plugin is used internally and I've had to tell my users to downgrade the other plugin version and to avoid upgrading due to the errors, so it'd be great to know if there's a way to resolve this, or any other ways that might help.


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Unfortunately, there is no such possibility and I don't see any easy alternative solutions.


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