Cannot sync settings between Rider and Webstorm

I have tried both automatically syncing via the jetbrains repository under Manage IDE Settings and manually exporting from rider and then importing in WebStorm. It seems like the settings cannot be read between the two products. I do not get any error message or anything after importing, it merely does not recognize my imported keymappings How can I get my Rider settings (keymap especially) imported into WebStorm?

I am on a trial with WebStorm but my Rider license is paid.

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Do you sync settings to account, or use the settings repository plugin? With the former, synchronizing settings between IDEs doesn't work

Direct export/import should work though...

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I did try to sync settings to account. I guess it makes sense that you cannot sync between products like that, but it would be nice with some clarification somehow?

I got the direct export/import to work. But only after I exported from my "original" Rider account. When I exported from another Rider instance on my laptop which was just syncing with my desktop, I dont think it worked. So yeah a bit hard to know these things, but still happy it works now.


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