Changing Gradle env variables when running a task by double clicking



I am working on a plugin that adds environment variables to Gradle executions based on external user configuration files. I have been using 


extension point to set the variables, and this has worked well. However, I noticed that when you double click a task from the Gradle side panel, this extension point is never called. It seems that the task executions is quite different when double clicking a task vs right clicking and selecting run. Is there an extension point or a way I could use in my plugin to set the environment variables that would also work when double clicking a task to run it? 



Hi Juho,

This looks like a product issue. Please follow:


Hey Karol Lewandowski

I was wondering if there is a workaround for this? It seems that there has not been much activity on the ticket.

Thank you for your help,



Hi Juho,

Please ask in the ticket. I also suggest voting for it (votes help prioritize the work).


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