Can't activate Copilot on PHPStorm on KDE Neon

My activation attempt of GitHub Copilot on KDE Neon is stalling out silently after giving the plugin permission to access my GitHub account at

I've got a message point posted to the GitHub discussions forum with no response yet, but I wonder if anyone else here has successfully activated Copilot on PHPStorm on Linux.


7/29  Changed title due to lack of response.  Original title:  Has anyone successfully activated the GitHub Copilot plugin on PHPStorm on Linux?

8/2/22 I was able to successfully activate the plugin on a different Linux distro (Ubuntu Budgie 21.10 on my laptop).  Since I suspect the issue is something about KDE Neon (it's on a 20.04 Ubuntu base), I backed up my home folder and swapped KDE Neon out for Kubuntu 22.04.  I can now activate the Copilot plugin.  It's possible there was a fix to be had, but since I had no suggestions from here or GitHub's community - coupled with the fact that it's easy enough to swap one Ubuntu based distro for another - I decided to punt.

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