Remote Development SSH - No Linux Installation Found on the Selected Machine

I'm trying to connect SSH but it returns the error that there is no linux installed on the machine, I use the fedora 36 distribution, when I start the project via SSH through the remote field, it connects normally:




now if I try to create a project from 0 only to connect and start working within the IDE itself according to the folders, it gives me the error that linux is not installed on the machine:




how can I manipulate the folders and codes of a project in ssh through the IDE itself as if it were a project from 0 ? it's possible?


Hi there,

What is your remote Linux architecture is? Is it ARM (i.e. arm64 (aarch64) )?


I had the same problem using gateway 2022.2 and Clion 2022.2/Pycharm 2022.2 's gateway plugins. Linux OS ARM achitecture



Linux OS ARM achitecture

Sadly Linux ARM isn't fully supported yet.

Here's a ticket you can follow: . It is being worked on right now.


Perhaps they should consider updating this error message in order to add this information?


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