SCSS file watcher output directory - confusion

Hi there,

I have some confusion in file watcher output path

My scss file is


I want css file in


my current configuration

How to configure correctly anyone please help me...

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Just set Arguments: to $FileName$:$ProjectFileDir$/public/assets/front/app-ltr.css, and Output Paths to Refresh - to $ProjectFileDir$/public/assets/front/app-ltr.css:$ProjectFileDir$/public/assets/front/

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An extra note to the above.

Your target file name is different to the source (app-ltr.css vs app-front-ltr.scss) which requires the path/file name to be hardcoded in the File Watcher settings. I assume it has to be this way and it's not a mistake (although it's still a bad choice TBH -- it better have the same name as it makes things easier).

Therefore, if you apply the above suggestion (Elena's answer) and you have more than one .scss file you wish to edit/compile into CSS, then all such files will be compiled into the same public/assets/front/app-ltr.css file. I do not think you want to have that...

To avoid this you would need to also use the custom Scope to make this hardcoding applied to that one source file only. As well as making another File Watcher for other *.scss files that you may have to compile (if you have them, of course).

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In this case its an existing project thats needs to fix some things and it has that two different file names.


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