Debugging is very slow


I am working with JUCE framework on CLion. To debug i attach on a program. The program speed is many times slower than the Release build.

A couple of years ago Debug was almost as fast as the Release. I am not sure when this problem started, i believe it was after a CLion update.

Does this have to do with Debugging optimization? and if yes, how do i turn it on?

In this post it describes how to turn optimization on in a VS project

Please help, it is very hard to debug when it is this slow. I am on a 10th gen i7 so the computer is not the bottleneck.




On what OS do you use CLion? What debugger do you use (name and version)?


Hi Anna,

I am on Windows 10 using Clion 2022.2 (but it was occuring in the previous Clion version as well)

Using LLDB  (i have Visual Studio 2019 installed) MSVC toolchain on Windows.

Debug is slow, but recently i tried RelWithDebInfo and that is fast. I am not sure if that will limit debugging, but for now it seems to be working ok.


If you would like to investigate the issue, please enable debugger logging as described here, reproduce the issue and send the resulting idea.log file (`Help | Show Log in ...`) to clion-support at Do not forget to disable debug logging after that. Note that logs might contain private user's information (like file paths and names). 


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