HTML gets stripped on paste with Blade files

If I copy a block of code that has a mix of php code and html in it, in a Blade template, phpstorm is stripping the html portion of the text. 

Block that is copied:

<div class="grid__image">
<img class="image-underlay" src="{!! $item['activity_or_page'][0]->page_image !!}" alt="{!! $item['activity_or_page'][0]->post_title or "grid image" !!}">
<div class="image-overlay"></div>
<h2 class="grid__title">{!! $item['activity_or_page'][0]->post_title !!}</h2>

Block that gets pasted:

{!! $item['activity_or_page'][0]->page_image !!}" alt="{!! $item['activity_or_page'][0]->post_title or "grid image" !!}

{!! $item['activity_or_page'][0]->post_title !!}

It feels like I accidentally tripped a setting somewhere but I cannot find it. This only happens in one project. All my other blade projects copy and paste fine.

Anyone know what is going on here?

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Not really. Would it help if you close IDE, backup project's .idea folder & remove it? Then reopen the project & check again. 

Btw, are you on 2022.2?


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