Is it possible to extend/change current gui windows?



sometimes i would like to add a button/checkbox to existing GUI and enhance the current functionality. 

Is something like this possible?


For example: add a new checkbox to the commit dialog or when you create a new tests



Every case depends on the existing UI control implementation.

The existing implementation must explicitly be allowed to be extended, there is no magic way of adding buttons in the places which weren't intended to be extended. If a control you want to extend contains actions implemented with the Actions system, you can register your action in the proper group.

I suggest using UI inspector to identify a component you want to extend and analyze its code to check if it can be done.


Thanks for the answer this helped! :)


I found now one extension point, which i would like to override. Is something like this possible?

<tasks.contextProvider implementation="com.intellij.tasks.context.BookmarkContextProvider"/>

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