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Hello! Now PL/SQL Developer is used to work with Oracle, we want to switch to Datagrip to work. Problem: there are more than 2000 schemes on the server, for each scheme a unique login/password is stored in the *.connections file. How can I implement an entrance for each scheme with a separate password in Datagrip? (without Kerberos)

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There is a trick that you can use:

  • Create a first database connection in the UI, fill out all fields, make sure that it is working.
  • Right-click on it, select Copy/Paste | Copy Data Source.
  • Create a new XML file and paste the content, remove `<user-name>` property from copied source and add username and password to `<jdbc-url>` field.
  • Copy template with #BEGIN#/#END# keywords, add new credentials to `<jdbc-url>` field and so on.

After you've finished with credentials, copy all data from that XML file and press Plus icon in Database Explorer, choose Import from Clipboard.

To specify username and password, please use the following syntax: `jdbc:oracle:thin:[USER/PASSWORD]@//[HOST][:PORT]/SERVICE`

For example, `<jdbc-url>jdbc:oracle:thin:user/pass@localhost:1521:XE</jdbc-url>`.

I hope it helps.


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