How to configure CLion to only load certain symbol files when starting gdb

I am working on a big code base and our executable loads a lot of libaries. Starting the debugger is quite slow  due to loading all the symbol files. 

Some in my team use VS Code. They figured out that the launch configuration 'symbolLoadInfo' can be used to reduce the number of symbol files loaded. The documentation can be found here

This looks like this

"symbolLoadInfo": {
"loadAll": false,
"exceptionList": "*Alpha*;*Gamma*;*SWL*"

Now I am wondering if we can do something similar in CLion?

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A workaround is to setup a .gdbinit file in the home directory whith this content:

set auto-solib-add 0
sharedlibrary *Alpha*;*Gamma*;*SWL*

But it would be nice to have this setting on a per project level within CLion.


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