Run configurations coming back with workspace restoration

My run configurations keep getting restored by workspace restorations triggered by git branch changes.

After creating new branches a bunch of them require me to repeatedly click "Save <run config> configuration". If I delete these run configurations, they come back after a workspace switch.

I can probably edit `workspace.xml` and remove them permanently, but some of them are needed, is there also a place where the mapping of workspace to run configuration is saved? I have browsed through workspace.xml and can find the run configurations themselves, but not the workspace/runconfig mappings.

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You can enable "Store as project file" in run configuration settings. Then you can add them to .gitignore if you don't want them to be touched by VCS.

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It's not so much that I want them as files, I want them to go away permanently, but I am unable to do this.

Removing them from within PyCharm or manual modification of `workspace.xml` has the same effect: The configurations are removed until I trigger a workspace restoration by changing git branch. They are then restored into `workspace.xml` again.

Where is the configuration stored for workspace data between git branches, and can it be edited to remove these configurations, or would I have to fully remove the files?

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Sorry, I don't fully understand the question. If run configurations exist in a specific version of workspace.xml from a specific branch, the solution is to:

1. Switch to this branch.

2. Modify the configs (remove what you don't need from workspace.xml)

3. Commit

Or am I missing something?


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