What is your process for using YouTrack and PyCharm


Most of my codebase is updating and adding features to other people existing code so writing code from scratch is rarely an option but now that I've integrated YouTrack, PyCharm and GitHub I've got a new challenge.

YouTrack doesn't have (that I can find) a solid workflow, video or well documented process for working with new or existing code with these tools.

The current way is I create an issue in GitHub and git clone that repo which I copy the URL from webrowser into the 'clone this repo' for making a new project and this sentence creates two issues.

1. Any new project can get lost unless I have a way of tracking them and I'm not seeing a good way of tracking or macro-organizing projects in PyCharm.

2. None of the issues, discussions or meta data about the repo is copied in so I have to manually add that repo to my YouTrack, manually add # TODO or whatever notes to the code, create a PR and the repo owner gives me a green, yellow, or red flag response. Green = good to go as is, Yellow = revise and submit as noted, Red = No go, code breaking or causing issues and we are chewing through 20 + issues a day... but most of this is by hand.

Then I have to go into PyCharm after manually adding each Project to a project number that I have to track myself because I don't know how YouTrack could or might do it because of insufficient comments or tutorials on this.

What is your process for working with GitHub, PyCharm and YouTrack? Anything is helpful at this point I am 100% wfh and most of the companies I occasionally work with are still migrating away from LFS to a GitHub so I am using a tool they would like to use but its not well documented.

Can you give me links to videos, outside of the few that JetBrains made as they are either about a conference, or not detailed more than 3 minutes about how to work this very sophisticated tool.

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Hello Andrew

Did you have a chance to check "Task and context" feature that can help you to setup integration between PyCharm and Github, as well as YouTrack:


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