Excluding drives from "open file or project" dialog (battery saving mode)


I'm having several external USB drives connected to my PC (which are not required for my work with phpStorm) and i'm wondering: is it possible to exclude drives from the "open file or project" dialog?
The problem is, these drives are going into power saving mode (by switching off) after a certain amount of time - so when opening the dialog, it almost takes a minutes before i can select a project from the dialog - as the system needs to power them up first.

Any Idea? Would perhaps be something for a new feature?


Quoting my StackOverflow comment:

I don't think there's a way to exclude a drive from File | Open. The new file chooser, however, doesn't list drives, so it might be a solution. Try enabling it at Help | Find Action | Registry | ide.ui.new.file.chooser.


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