WTF the latest CLion always got stuck on all CMake projects?

After update to the latest version, which I posted the screen shot above, CLion alwyas got stuck on CMake projects.

These projects ran perfectly fine in the old versions of CLion. Have no idea WTF happend to the new version.


Phuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu JB!


Loading just a small CMake project for years? WTF!



Please do File | Invalidate Caches ... > (important) select Clear file system cache and Local History > Invalidate and Restart. And after that do Tools | CMake | Reset Cache and Reload Project

If it doesn't help, please do Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data and send the resulted archive to clion-support at


> Please do File | Invalidate Caches ...

I did, many times! Not working, still take years to load.

> And after that do Tools | CMake | Reset Cache and Reload Project

Nothing different!



Above if from your logging! It took at least 16 minutes to load. Whice never took more than 1 minutes in the old versions.


We need the entire log to investigate the issue. Probably we will need additional materials during the investigation, like CPU snapshots. Such materials are easier to provide through the email correspondence too. Therefore I ask you to send the log to clion-support at and continue the correspondence through the email.

I marked this forum thread as "completed" (not "answered"), because it would be easier to continue this investigation not on the forum, but through the email correspondence. I removed the mark since you found it unclear and inconvenient. Sorry for misleading.


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