Using rector in an Windows environment

I'm having trouble running rector in an Windows environment. 

Windows 10

PhpStorm 2022.2

XAMPP (PHP 7.4.29)

rector 0.13.10, installed with composer, vendor/bin/rector init executed on cli. 

=> vendor directory is in the root. 

There is an issue in YouTrack, that request selecting an CLI-Interpreter. So I selected my php.exe.

With this setting, a right-click on a folder and "run rector" results in the command: 

E:\xampp\php\php.exe vendor/bin/rector process E:/xampp/htdocs/contentbroker/batch --output-format=json --dry-run

which outputs the content of the called script "endor/bin/rector", because it's not a php-Skript. 

dir=$(cd "${0%[/\\]*}" > /dev/null; cd "../rector/rector/bin" && pwd)

if [ -d /proc/cygdrive ]; then
    case $(which php) in
        $(readlink -n /proc/cygdrive)/*)
            # We are in Cygwin using Windows php, so the path must be translated
            dir=$(cygpath -m "$dir");

"${dir}/rector" "$@"

=> without the CLI setting the error just says: 

Error running 'batch': Cannot run program "vendor\bin\rector" (in directory "E:\xampp\htdocs\contentbroker"): CreateProcess error=2, System can't find file. 

Has anyone successfully run rector von Windows? Hat settings are neccessary? 

Regards: Chris

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Sorry, not sure if understood the "installed with composer" part. Is it installed globally or you have it installed within the project?
btw, here is Rector on Windows with a `rector/rector` installed via the project `composer.json`:

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Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I installed rector in the project with composer,json.

Your screenshot is interesting. Looks like you defined your CLI-Interpreter c:\PHP806\php.exe. 
This calls


in my vendor/bin directory I have 




In my constallation the rector file (without extension) is executed, or parsed by the php-cli.which outputs it's content (the shell skript). 

So maybe your system autodetects that php-CLI shoud execute


instead of




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Looks like I found the problem. Installed the environment on another machine and there it worked finde. So I checked the vendor/bin/rector file and found the content to be completly different :

#!/usr/bin/env php

 * Proxy PHP file generated by Composer
 * This file includes the referenced bin path (../rector/rector/bin/rector)
 * using a stream wrapper to prevent the shebang from being output on PHP<8
 * @generated

So obviously the problem is known, but the composer on my first machine installs a different, outdated rector version, also it's called 

   "require-dev": {
        "rector/rector": "^0.13.10"

on both machines... any idea, why composer acts different? 

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In my case, "C:\PHP806\php.exe" was taken from the PHP CLI Interpreter IDE settings.
I wonder if it worth removing the 'vendor' folder from the affected project and run the "composer install" again, would it do the trick?

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Problem solved. It needed a composer self-update and reinstall of rector/rector with the latest composer version to enable the PHP wrapper generation by composer for PHP Versions < 8.0. 


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