Python exception breakpoints with JetBrains Gateway?

I've been trying to evaluate the new remote development support with JetBrains Gateway in PyCharm. It seems like it could be nearly a drop-in replacement for vscode remote development over ssh for my workflow. However I've noticed one feature that's either missing, or I just can't find it for some reason - python exception breakpoints. These seem to be available when running purely locally. But if I use the remote gateway feature, the only breakpoints I can configure are line breakpoints.

Is anybody else testing out the Gateway feature, and running into this? Is this a known bug/pending feature that I just haven't found a report on yet? Or is there something that needs to be configured in order to use them? Not sure what information/logs will help out here, if needed, since it's been quite a few years since I last used PyCharm.

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Hi, seems to be a bug, I created a report

Please follow the issue for updates, feel free to vote and comment, and let us know if you need any help. If you're not familiar with YouTrack, please see 


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