Support for error ranges instead of single positions


I'm wondering if we know if Webstorm supports a range for error values instead of a single position? 

I've written a current stylelint rule, using the latest v14 version of stylelint. The rule takes index, and endIndex (or column/endColumn) to tell the reporter where the error is.

Reporter only reports on the index and not the full range. Verified the rule works by running in terminal, and it reports the correct start and end positions for the error, but the reporter does not show this in the tool window.

Running :

stylelint -f json '*.css' | jq .

Gives me the following report from Stylelint itself:

        "line": 8,
        "column": 19,
        "endLine": 8,
        "endColumn": 22,
        "rule": "enforce-grid-base-unit",
        "severity": "error",
        "text": "Unexpected unit \"px\" for property \"margin-right\""

So the error highlight should be 3 colums wide, but it is only highlighting the number, or column 19 in this case, which is the index, so doesn't seem to support endColumn?

Queried the stylelint team too, but it appears as if it's an issue in Webstorms integration:

Upload id: 2022_08_16_XkRdcapqZUi4vjMbBiC6dk (file: Screenshot 2022-08-13 at 17.27.15.png)

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