Does anyone have success flawlessly using Phpstorm on a M1 Mac (16MB)?

A clean install runs quite well for a couple of hours before becoming sluggish.

I would appreciate if someone could share their configuration if they had success 


Just a quick check, have you installed the Silicon-specific version, right? 


The Silicon-specific version gave me few more days of decent speed, but at the end it is just not good enough.
I will go back to vscode because of it speed, while missing all those great Jetbrains features 😭
Pleaseee make Fleet with all the great features + speed 🙏


Unfortunately, it is hard to say anything before checking logs first. I would suggest collecting log files (Help > Collect Logs) and contacting the support team or submit a bug report to YouTrack. There is a chance that you are experiencing some known issue that could be resolved in a moment. In any case, performance reports help us to make a better and faster product, so your report will be appreciated :)


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