Cannot start PyCharm

I just downloaded PyCharm on my virtual machine, my operating system is debian 11 i386. After unzipping the file, I moved it to the opt folder with the name pycharm and when I ran it via sh, I got the following error:

No JRE found. Please make sure $PYCHARM JDK, $JDK_HOME, or $JAVA_HOME point to valid JRE installation.

The commands i did were:

- mkdir pycharm && tar -xvf pycharm-community-*.tar.gz -C pycharm --strip-components 1

- sudo mv pycharm /opt/

- sh /opt/pycharm/bin/

P.S: I am new doing this kind of thing so I would like you to explain the answer in a way that a beginner would understand it.

Thanks a lot!!! :)





PyCharm uses a bundled Java runtime located in <installation_directory>/jbr -- do you have this directory?

Please check if you have any of the listed environment variables ($PYCHARM_JDK, $JDK_HOME, or $JAVA_HOME) and unset them. Then PyCharm should find the correct jbr automatically.


Hi Andrey Resler,

Yes, i have jbr directory on my installation directory, inside it there are other folders like: bin, conf, include, legal and lib and a .txt called release. I guess that the environent variables are on this last one .txt. Inside it there are a lot of modules but not what we mentioned. 
Trying other solution, I used the command env and printenv but no one of this variables were there.

Anyways i found a solution right here:

By doing the next command

sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk

Now PyCharm is running and seems to work correctly but anyway I would like to know how to do what you told me.


Well, I guess it's running with the OpenJDK now. I would recommend switching to the bundled JBR though. More information about how to do that: 


The environment variables must be on this final.txt, I suppose. There are many modules in it, but not the ones we listed. I tried using the commands env and printenv to try another approach, but none of these variables were there. doodle cricket


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