PhpStorm 2022.2.1 and CPU usage


The new update seems to fix the freezing problem, however I'm concerned by the CPU usage which is constantly high, and the IDE doesn't look to be doing anything

There is no indexing operation in progress or anything else in background so I don't understand.

I've provided logs here :

Edit: the CPU usage suddenly dropped to 0 but still I wonder why it was happening

Kind regards


You can check what PhpStorm is doing at any given moment at Help | Diagnostic Tools | Activity Monitor.
It makes sense to continue this conversation in the ticket you've submitted.


I have the same problem. Everything was running fine before the update.


Please reproduce the problem for at least half a minute while capturing CPU snapshot. Here's an article describing this, see the "The CPU usage is high or IDE is slow" section. You can then share the snapshot via Also run Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data and share/upload it as well.


CPU snapshot
Upload id: 2022_09_12_23eBPsYGrsa2JyoEapG5Lu (file:
Diagnostic logs:
Upload id: 2022_09_12_pFKorepjHtFFY8cLNNzjon (file:

I use Windows 11 with WSL2


Thanks. The "Native" CPU load from IDE itself was just 10%. The rest is appears to be caused by NodeJS. Please try disabling NodeJS integration tools in your project & check which one is causing the load.




Same problem on PHPStorm 2022.3 here with top at over 500% usage. 

On MBP mid-2015 16go ddr / 2.8Ghz i7


Cmonard, it seems that PhpStorm was indexing your sources when you took the screenshot. How did it go after indexing was finished?


This happens constantly to me several last releases (2022.2/3, don't sure because don't track it really)

After restart it usually helps for a while

CPU profiling - Upload id: 2023_01_17_2C2AFj5rYiMBUsFS6fXG27 (file:

Roman Kunashko, according to the screenshot, the activity is generated by the VCS log. Do you have the Git tool window open when you see the load?
If not, do you maybe see the Git log indexing process in the status bar?

Eugene Morozov

> Do you have the Git tool window open when you see the load?

No, but it was opened before. But the active project has really new git repo with maybe 20 commits or so, not sure that it should generate so much load.

> If not, do you maybe see the Git log indexing process in the status bar?

No, it didn't have any indexing running.


Eugene Morozov it's still does it but i notice it happens on large file (over 4700 lines) 

I will ask ppl in my team to make smaller files 😄 



With the latest version I also have a high CPU usage. There is no apparent process running in the background, not even indexing. If I close all tabs (not the IDE itself) it stops. It is random, it is not happening everytime but when it does, it can freezes the entire computer for minutes.

Here is a screenshot of the activity monitor

I can't see any sign of a progress bar when it happens.

Note that I have Git and TortoiseGit installed on my laptop.

I also see a lot of "threadDumps-freeze" folders in the log directory.

Kind regards


Daniil Maslov I have a similar problem with "Plugin JavaScript and TypeScript"  Upload ID: 2023_01_25_7Xtppwi4wp4QiGatKQJR1W


What version of PhpStorm are you using?


Feel free to follow WEB-57048.


Happens to me all the time for many years, on different computers, typical problem on Ubutnu:

I want to try to change Open JDK to Oracle JDK, can it be the reason?


Artbonvic, PhpStorm bundles a custom JDK to run the IDE. You can upload a CPU snapshot and IDE logs that I mentioned above for further investigation.


Same issue. Sometimes Process total CPU usage can get up to 500 or more while doing absolutely nothing in the IDE. No indexing, nothing.

Upload id: 2023_03_01_wky8fGFH6b4xiVneXEDYyY (files:,


latest version I also have a high cpu usage. There is no apparent process running in the background, not even indexing. If I close all tabs itstops.
CPU model intel i5 11400kf
RAM: 16gb 3600Hz

Upload id: 2023_03_03_XJyzmcSjJj3wbjzj3WEnGs (files: Screenshot_30.png and 2 more)


As far as I see from the log file, you have a pretty outdated IDE version (PhpStorm 2021.2.3).
Would it be possible to update it to the most recent build (2022.3.2) and check if performance improves?
There are lots of changes since the version that you currently have.

Unfortunately, it hard to say anything without checking logs and CPU snapshot first. Would it be possible to collect these and submit a support request or a YouTrack report?


Same issue. PhpStorm 2022.3.2

Upload id: 2023_03_07_5kxABJZZZTrZSKDsPVRk22 (file: PS-223.8617.59_cz406048_07.03.2023_14.42.23.jfr)

Thank you.


Folks, just a friendly reminder -- in case of performance issues, please submit YouTrack/Support tickets separately. Although there are some commonly known bugs, in most cases, performance cases are quite personal and depend on specific scenarios, setups, etc.

@Peter Morkusa, 
Could you please try to untick the whole "Settings | Editor | Inlay Hints > Code vision" settings node and check if performance improves?


i'm having a similar issue with the latest version on my new macbook's causing it to heat up to the point where i can't even sit here with the computer on my lap while traveling to write code, because it's uncomfortably hot (which is the entire reason i bought the air to begin with). i've already got an open ticket investigating a memory leak, can/should i add to that ticket for the CPU usage issue or create a new ticket for this?


Both CPU usage and memory leak may have the same root cause, so I would start from adding more information to the existing ticket.


In my case, I had a similar problem where the node process was taking a lot of CPU. It was making my poor Intel Mac's fan work overtime. PHPStorm was generally responsive but again was consistently at something like 150-180% CPU.

I went through and disabled a number of unused plugins. This did not seem to have much of an effect.

However, what did help was that my ESLint configuration was set to auto and `eslint` runs were basically not working at all. I was getting a message similar to:

eslint cannot get result from language service

Even running in the CLI was causing OOM issues. I was having to do this:

Then, I found this thread and message:

I created the tsconfig.eslint.json file and then added it to .eslintrc.json. eslint now works properly and eslint output is now showing up in the Problems tab properly. Most importantly, Activity Monitor is showing much less reduced CPU (30-40%).


I have problems with extreme high CPU usage too:

Upload id: 2023_08_03_xqmJRNzkYG7eoRSbxFZDhQ (file:

using PhpStorm and DataGrip at same time.

Happens even when the computer is locked and nothing should happen.


Phillip, please check how it goes for you on 2023.2:

If the same, please submit your logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data) together with a new CPU snapshot in a support ticket (Help | Contact Support).

Thank you!


the CPU usage with 2023.2 



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