Xdebug with symfony and WSL


I have been google around now for 4 hours without finding a solution. I'm running PhpStorm 2022.2.1 and a ubuntu installation on wsl. And I have a symfony installation with the version 5.4. And here is my problem, all guides and stuff like that I can find. Runs to start he server thru the bin/console file with the command server:run.

But because i'm running symfony 5.4 I start up my local dev server with symfony server:start, And I have tried so many different ways to solve this. BUt I can't find a solution on how to set it up to make it possible to run xdeub also.

I have php 8.0 something and xdebug 3 and all that is workign as it should. Has anyone any solution on hwo to solve this problem?


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Sorry, I might be missing this part, but what exactly does not work?


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