Issues installing packages from 'global sites' at project initiation, terminal, and quick light bulb

I have an issue where modules are not recognized in pycharm. The behavior I want is for clicking the 'inherit global site packages' box while creating a new project to copy all my pip installed packages into that new virtual environment. This has not been my case. Additionally, I have made sure that the packages are being downloaded to the correct python version using python3.8 -m pip install foo before I make a new project. What's even more annoying is that when I use the terminal built into pycharm, pip install foo does not add the package to the venv. Clicking the red lightbulb under the module name in the import statements works but only for packages where the import statement is identical to the package name (so cv2 does not work this way as its opencv-python). This method also seems to require a restart of the IDE. The only way I have been able to reliably download packages is through view-tool windows-python packages but its honestly getting so annoying I'm about to switch IDEs. I have reinstalled pycharm and it does not fix the issue. Please help. 

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Seems to be working fine in my case. Could you please submit an issue to and provide the following data to help us troubleshoot the issue:

1. The output of your `/path/to/global/interpreter/python -m pip list`.

2. Screenshot of the New Project wizard before you click the Create button.

3. The output of the `/path/to/venv/python -m pip list`

4. Logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data**


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