Annotations: No syntax coloring or validation?

I'm going through something that uses annotations for configuration, and it's easy to end up with an unseen mistake because PHPStorm doesn't change the colors based on functionality nor does it seem to run validation on them.

Since annotations are fairly normal in classes and methods, and often suggested by PHPStorm, and shortcuts used like `/**`+Enter cause PHPStorm to auto-generate annotation content based on the declaration, I figure there'd be some color coding regardless of the project being completely custom or using pre-installed packages or a framework. What am I missing here?

Note that at the moment I'm configuring Symfony routes using annotations, and the Symfony plugin is enabled, but annotations are still all just gray. There's some basic text decoration on some things being bold, but that's it. I'm baffled that logic is allowed in PHP/Symfony but PHPStorm apparently isn't recognizing or acknowledging it in any visible way.

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Please provide an example: various annotations are using different syntax, and some are simply not supported.


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