How are we supposed to track/solve issues in PyCharm since JetBrains and YouTrack apparently have no integration?

So this post was made almost a year ago and I have no idea how to find the files that were causing it, there is no way (that I know of) to link an issue in file to my support issues on Jetbrains. This firewall of separation between Support and PyCharm requires me as the user to experience a problem in PyCharm which sometimes instantly snuffs out any productive flow state I might be in, then I have to remember where I post issues.
"Ok my own code is in PyCharm, which does integrate with YouTrack... but support for technical issues in PyCharm require me to leave the PyCharm interface. So I have to go to a web-browser, and hopefully I can remember what the site is or website since there is ZERO connection between my support tickets and the very software that I use that creates the problem I need support for. Usually I try to load, then realize there is no link I can find to support, no obvious course to solve the problem by a link to YouTrack or support from to intellij whatever URL links me to here.
So hopefully I don't get distracted and I can remember the website for support, then I log into my account... and remember that I have to click my name, then activities and then get a list of Requests, Contributions and Followings. Now back to the reason for my post, below you can see that Antonina Belianskaya replied to my post back in October 12th but I completely missed it because I don't know how to integrate, organize or efficiently use this tool as it its not connected to PyCharm. So instead of being able to see oh "" generated that error, but no... I have to hunt and peck to find the link that she responded to, then hunt around to look thru requests which I tried by keyword, by phrasing, by date and finally after 12 minutes of searching it was found.
This is a VERY inefficient method of creating support tickets and only increases difficulty in reporting, difficulty that I link to PyCharm and incentivises me to not report them at all. It just takes up so much time to have two completely different systems that it begs the question. Surely there is a way; someone has to have figured out how to link a filename, a project as linked to a support ticket, with here is the big issues... I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO MEMORIZE these steps. Which currently created a barrier of 10 months between me the user of your software from you the people who I need to help me use it, solve issues. I can't find videos on how people might have jurry rigged this but it feels like we could not come up with a slower message unless I sent them via carrier pidgeon.
So  Antonina Belianskaya was so nice to reply but now I have to spend hours to go back and try and think up what issue caused this vs clicking "linked project name project number" because JetBrains and support are integrated. Why isn't there a link or can I code one up that adds a connection between this kind of dropdown....
or any menu inside PyCharm to my support page here? So yes I can click on Help>>Contact Support... but there inlies the start of the problem. When they respond I have no idea, no notification shows up in PyCharm that they responded. This would be a game changer to have a view of support issues in process and have them linked to "", so I click it, read the comments and POOF problem addressed, noted and solved.
VScode is something I dislike so much and there is NO WAY they have 1/8th of the service or support we get from JetBrains incredible developers. This would be a feather in your cap to show people how really good IDE is linked to the developers.
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I am very sorry for the disappointing  experience. 

>The file does not belong to the project

I am wondering if there were any changes which triggered this error appearance? Could you please share the steps so I will be able to reproduce and report the behaviour. 

>Which brings up a second issue, why does it take so long to index a file? 

Indexing scans the interpreter files and whole Project root. How log does it take? It may take some time as  it depends on the project size. 


>I still don't know why this error code keeps coming up, these error codes are impotent unless you know "what to know".

Could you please attach a screenshot of the error?


Hi Antonina Belianskaya,

1. When you say the “>The file does not belong to the project…” how do you know that and if its showing on the screen in the project folder why is it not in the project? What is creating this is I'm interviewing for companies who have a jupyter_notebook.ipynb or multiple gists of code and they want me to integrate them. When I use git the color changes of a file name to indicate it is sync'd which is awesome, but I still don't understand the point of a scratch file. I want ALL files inside each project to be part of the project don't I ?

2. When I have ‘Requests’ like this one how do people track them or link them to code? I'm now getting to over 240+ repos and trying to remember each one connected to a project becomes very stressful and challenging since Youtrack should link my code to the issues but since ‘Community Posts’ are not connected… how do people keep track of what or project they are linked to?

3. Is there a Youtrack course that I can take as I've been trying to use it but it feels like I'm using a hammer to turn screws because Youtrack is pretty good… but its not Apple level of intuitively easy to use nor is coding something intuition helps you to learn. As an example I have 18 core projects but between version 2022.2.5 and 2022.3.3 my project groupings are deleted and they also deleted any prior links to the other 200 projects in my PycharmProjects folder.


Hello @andrew.    I have referred your feedback to the management team for consideration, thank you for taking the time! At the moment, unfortunately,  there is no such integration to link submitted reports to a specific project/code in the IDE. 

As far as I see, you have a technical issue and I would be glad to assist. 


>how do you know that and if its showing on the screen in the project folder why is it not in the project


Could you please attach a screenshot example of the file opened in the IDE and the error that it does not belong to the project?  


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