Makefile project - run everything in bash?

I am working with a pretty large Makefile project, which uses python (and a few other tools) commonly throughout its steps.

How can I get the CLion Makefile project steps (whatever intelligence it is running to derive the Makefile targets, etc) all with /bin/bash?

In my case, on OSX, it is running with /bin/sh, and thus not picking up all the pre-config python items, e.g. anaconda with a base environment, other tools in the path, etc etc.

Possibly related:
This project uses arm gcc, arm-none-eabi-gcc, -ld, etc. Those are all hard-coded into the Makefile.
I defined a "toolchain" in the CLion settings, but I was only able to get some toy projects (simple templates) to work by adding an "Environment from File", and point that to a script that did `export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/arm-gcc/bin` .

I did try adding `export SHELL=/bin/bash` there, but it did not seem to have any effect.

Surely there is a way to do this? Hope so. Please let me know what I am missing.


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