Downloaded PhpStorm on Mac but doesn't want to open



I just downloaded PhpStorm on my Macbook Pro but when I double click to open, nothing happens. 


Please try to launch IDE from a command line & share the output generated.


Hi Dmitry, 

I went on Toolbox and used this "/Users/shaneromero/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/Toolbox" from the Tools Install Location field. I added to my command line but it shows "No such files or directory"

If I use the command open -a PhpStorm from my Applications folder the app will pop up for a quick second but fail to open. 


Thank you!


Romeroshane you have to escape spaces on mac. You can do that by surrounding the path with quotes or by using a backslash after a space symbol, here's an article that describes how to do both:


Thanks, Dmitry! Sorry but I am not fully well-versed in how to use my terminal. I was able to navigate to the IDE path that I got from my Toolbox app. What do I do after? 

I was also able to navigate to Applications then open PhpStorm but it doesn't open. The command line just changes to


You can find where PhpStorm is installed. Open the Toolbox App, click the "..." icon for the necessary IDE, and select Settings. Expand "Configuration" node & see "Install location" - you can copy the path that way.

Then launch IDE using command


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