Prevent PyCharm from automatically closing disconnected SSH sessions?

Is there a way to prevent PyCharm from automatically closing terminals from an expired SSH session?


Say I have a remote session to a server, with some data logged:


Then, my VPN connection expires, and initially my logged data (say for example, results from my experiments above) is still there (and I can copy/paste the results), but I can't type anything on the remote terminal. That's totally fine and expected, since the connection between my computer and the remote server has been severed due to the VPN suspension.

But then the real annoyance is that a minute later, PyCharm automatically closes the expired remote session and replaces it with a new bash session on my personal computer (as seen below where the previous session with has been replaced with a blank session with userid@My-Personal-Computer). So basically it seems at this point that if I hadn't copy-pasted the results from my remote session fast enough, all that data would have been lost.

Now my question is, is there a way to prevent PyCharm from automatically closing expired/dead remote sessions? If not, is there a way to automatically save a "history" of terminal session logs in some file for viewing after the session has already been closed?



Hi, please vote for the known issue IDEA-231394


Thanks for the response. I have voted for the known issue - but is there going to be some update that this "bug" will be managed to be fixed?


If you subscribe to the issue, you will get the notification when the status of the issue is updated. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA, but the issue status is Major so hopefully it will get some attention soon.


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