Manual configuration management (similar to emacs, vim, etc)


Hi folks!

Is there a way to have a config file somewhere on my file system that I completely manage by hand, that I can use to customize IntelliJ? The things I want to customize, are mostly key bindings and code style settings for different languages.

I'm aware of settings sync, but then that's something that's managed by IntelliJ. I want to manage the file myself, and ideally also change configs by editing that file, instead of using the settings GUI. That way, I have full control over what I'm editing, and most importantly, I have a portable config file I can copy over to new machines when I re-install or otherwise need my IntelliJ setup on a different machine.

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Hi August,

Not as a single file I'm afraid. IDE settings are written to multiple files that can be found in the corresponding config directory. You can edit or delete each individual file separately. If you want the exact same copy of your settings on a different machine, you can just copy the entire config directory over to the other installation.


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