Debugging sandbox IntelliJ very slow


For the last couple of months, the debug IntelliJ has been extremely slow to launch (a couple of minutes until it usable), and sluggish to use. This wasn't a gradual thing, it slowed down very suddenly. The log is full of similar indicators, e.g.:

2022-08-29 13:44:48,757 [ 101907]   WARN - #c.i.d.PerformanceWatcherImpl - UI was frozen for 10552ms, details saved to /Users/evans3/do/workspaces/nextstep/Blueprint/build/idea-sandbox/system/log/threadDumps-freeze-20220829-134439-IU-222.3345.118-10sec

I've uploaded that threadDump with upload ID: 2022_08_29_25RKgbqeCR8GUMCeGWL3Tm

The JVM options to increase memory seem to be being used still, so I'm not sure what could have caused this sudden slowdown?


There's nothing in the uploaded ZIP file. Please create a bug report right away with such issues and provide all thread dumps and idea.log files from your sandbox instance. Thanks!


Weird, that was the file in the message - I'll recreate and send everything through in a bug report then.


In general, you may want to disable as many plugins as possible in your sandbox config.


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