Cannot find symbol dependencyResolutionManagement in GradleSettingsModel


 I am trying to write a plugin that adds my repo to settings.gradle if available or in build.gradle in other cases, like this:

public static void addLibraryRepositories(GradleBuildModel file, GradleSettingsModel settings, String url) {
// Check if settings.gradle contains the repositories
RepositoriesModel repositoryModel = null;
if (settings != null) {
repositoryModel = settings.dependencyResolutionManagement().repositories();

// if not use the build.gradle file
if (repositoryModel == null || repositoryModel.repositories().size() <= 0) {
repositoryModel = file.repositories();

// add the Tealeaf maven repo
if (!repositoryModel.containsMavenRepositoryByUrl(url)) {
repositoryModel.addMavenRepositoryByUrl(url, "My Repo");

But I am getting this error when running gradle task 'buildPlugin':

error: cannot find symbol
            repositoryModel = settings.dependencyResolutionManagement().repositories();
  symbol:   method dependencyResolutionManagement()
  location: variable settings of type GradleSettingsModel

Using IntelliJ 2022.1.3, there is no error on IDE, I can navigate to the definition of the interface and the GradleSettingsModelImpl implementation, in project view I can see it is included in android-gradle-dsl.jar.

I have these deps in plugin.xml


I can call other methods of the same class without this error.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Hugo,

This method is available from a specific version of the Android plugin. You should set up your plugin project Gradle configuration to target the platform and Android plugin versions that support this method.


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