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I am developing a database IDEA plugin.

I want my plugin name to be shown when I right click a table and not be shown elsewhere in database tool window.

but now, the plugin name will be shown when I right click the mouse if it is within database tool window anywhere.

I will appreciate if any suggestions.

I add the action in plugin.xml like following:

<action id="bmd-mybatis-generate-action"
text="Generate DAO"
description="Mybatis Pro idea plugin">
<add-to-group group-id="DatabaseViewPopupMenu" anchor="first"/>
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I'm sorry, but the issue is unclear to me. It sounds like you would like to make your action available only in specific places. If this is the case, please check AnAction.update() Javadoc.

Also, if you are creating a new plugin, please make sure that it provides unique features that are not available in tens of existing MyBatis plugins available on JetBrains Marketplace:

Consider joining another project if this is a hobby project and similar functionality exists in one of the plugins.


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