How to use UIDesigner in plugin correctly ?


I am developing Statistic plugin (which is using UIDesigner for settings panel) for several years.
When releasing new version I am still getting the following error and can`t find any solution how to fix it :(

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate IU-222.4167.9 (2022.2.2 (eap))1 compatibility warning (Restart)
1 compatibility warning
The plugin distribution bundles IDE packages 'com.intellij.uiDesigner.core', 'com.intellij.uiDesigner'. Bundling IDE packages is considered bad practice and may lead to sophisticated compatibility problems. Consider excluding these IDE packages from the plugin distribution. If your plugin depends on classes of an IDE bundled plugin, explicitly specify dependency on that plugin instead of bundling it.

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Hi Tomas,

As far as I understand, your plugin distribution file (JAR or ZIP) contains the mentioned packages. It is unnecessary as IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs provide these packages out of the box, so if you deliver them in your plugin, they are doubled at runtime (and can be in different versions, which may cause errors).

It's hard to tell you the proper solution without knowing the details, but please consider the following:


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