PHPSTORM need Bash Editor

PHP language is used mainly for web servers programing. PHPSTORM is excellent editor for PHP CSS JavaScript ... What about configuration of web servers on most popular platform PHP is used. Linux BASH is vital for configuration of numerous files required to maintain by backed web developers. As one of them I need to edit numerous bash scripts for installation of web servers infrastructure. Please do not forget about bash editor. The remote debugging will help as well. Do not spend time on local debugging, as bash need to execute on server, Linux server and not Windows emulation. Scripts are used for example for configuration of nginx or fail2ban ....

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Correct me if I am wrong but isn't it already possible to edit Bash scripts in PhpStorm? It even supports highlighting and bits of autocompletion:

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You are correct, and "Shell Script" plugin is OK. Unfortunately while searching for remote debugging for bash scripts I installed "BashSupport Pro" (WARNING!!! it will ask you to uninstall "Shell Script" plugin). BashSupport Pro is not free, regardless it not let you debug remotely. After uninstalling BashSupport Pro the Shell Script lost highlighting. Hope to find good remote debugging for bash.
 that is after installing and uninstalling "BashSupport Pro" then installing back "Shell Script"

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I found how to restore "Shell Script" to its original functionality.
Go to Shell Script home page: and
select "Plugin Versions" page: 
Download version you need (latest in my case).

Then disable "Shell Script" in PHPSTORM and install from disk the one you downloaded in step one.
To get to this menu select star that is on top left after "installed"

That trick made my bash having highlighting back. Conclusion "BashSupport Pro" is not a good plugin.

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Thank you for the update.

I guess that BashSupport Pro uninstallation was the reason for the file type association (Settings/Preferences | Editor | File Types) loss  and a Shell Script plugin re-installation did not bring them back. Just a speculative theory, though.

Nonetheless, I am glad to hear that things work fine for you now, again, thank you for sharing these comments. 


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