PHPStorm seems to be auto-updating with no option to disable

Typically I get update pop-ups, now that hasn't happened for months, and I noticed earlier today the orange update arrow (?) at the top right, and this afternoon I'm noticing some glitchy behavior, and the arrow is gone...

I had an issue earlier this morning with the app ignoring Mac's theme mode, which was only fixed with a Mac restart, but now I'm wondering if JetBrains is pushing PHPStorm updates automatically without me getting any useful notification in time.

Before, I'd check the changelog to see if I lost any feature I was using, so at least I could decide how long to wait to update. Now, I'm not sure where to see how to disable automatic updates (I'm OK with it checking, just not doing it without me clicking to do it) or even a history of updates with changelogs!


Hi. No, PhpStorm doesn't apply updates automatically, unless you're on linux & have installed IDE via snap - in that case snap controls updates.

You can check your update settings at Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates if you're on macOS.


Yah so this is what I was seeing there:

I just noticed the date of the last update though, May, for v2022.1.1, which seems old now 😬, so maybe I'm just not getting the update prompt anymore... how do I get that back? I liked the box that popped up where I could look at the changelog and version number before clicking to install.

I've been on Mac Monterey for months now, I think before May.


Hm, either popup for the IDE updates is disabled, or IDE can't reliably check for updates due to networking.

Do you have "IDE and plugin updates available" notification enabled at Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Notifications? See:

If that's good - then we need to check if there are any IDE errors in the logs. You can generate the logs using Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data and share a resulting archive using


As far as I can tell, the pop-up is enabled... I seem to have the same settings as you, but the big pop-up window in the center of the screen hasn't shown for months.

The IDE isn't having trouble finding updates 

Hovering over the orange up-arrow shows this:

Clicking it shows this:

Focusing away from that menu keeps the orange up-arrow removed...

I'm not seeing how to get the old pop-up back that showed when I opened the app. Maybe people didn't like that and it was removed? I don't know; I know my editor's out of date by half a year, and it's likely because I didn't notice that there were updates because I rarely look at that top right section where the barely-visible update arrow shows... I don't think that's a good way to announce updates to people. The big box that appeared in the center of screen was great.

Here's an example, since I used to save them:

Why don't I see these anymore? They had links all over the place that I could click, like release notes, and tickets, etc, where I could better understand the app, and decide if maybe I wanted to skip an update.


Thanks for providing the additional details. It appears this is a known problem in a couple of latest releases: 



Thankfully PHPStorm's orange update button shows the prompt, and then I can view the update, and also maybe thankfully, it made me go through several intermediary updates, where I could see all of the changes.

I don't know however if PHPStorm will always do this if I've missed a version or more, or if it typically will try to update to the latest (one that it can) with a combined list of changes per aggregate changelog across versions including skipped ones.


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