(f *os.File) Close() function not recognized




Since I update my version of go to 1.19, goland does not recognized the Close function from *os.File. The weird thing is that it found the method on the documentation but it does not autocomplete nor recognize the method.


I already try the repair option and invalidate caches, I also update it to the last version but there is no change.


Thanx for your help

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Please update GoLand to the latest version or add unix build tag in Preferences | Go | Build Tags & Vendoring | Custom tags.

I hope it helps.

Fixed !

I've already done an update but I think it didn't take the last version. By doing it again now goland recognize the API. I've also added the unix to the build tag. Thank you for your time.


The solution worked for me thanks to the community and the members for the solution.

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