Super laggy

I can barely work using PhpStorm anymore. It's lagging like crazy and I can't find the root of the issue. I've uploaded a diagnostic with id 2022_09_09_29CaWBCz7qgX5ng3nv2Zu9


Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, there is only one freeze thread dumps directory and, for some reason, it is empty, so it is hard to say why IDE is freezing. Would it be possible to re-collect the log files pack? There is a chance that more dumps were generated since then and they will be collected in the pack.


Also, did you notice any kind of pattern -- a specific action or file that may trigger the freeze?


It's not freezing like a total stop. But i.e. scrolling is lagging very much. Writing something, it's lagging. No, not any specific pattern, just that it lags. Tested with different projects, it lags. Removed and disabled many plugins, still lags. Works fine working in Android Studio, but PhpStorm is just lagging. Is there any other way to share a dump of the environment?




I would suggest submitting a support ticket (Help > Contact Support) or raise a YouTrack issue, so we could proceed further from there.

There is a chance that CPU snapshot would be needed along with the new portion of log files as well. Just in case, a little bit more about snapshots:


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