Type of the argument in defineConfig function is not inferred (Cypress 10)

Here is a standard config file in the Cypress.io version 10 and higher:

const { defineConfig } = require("cypress");

module.exports = defineConfig({


In VSCode, the 'defineConfig' function call refers to the 'node_modules\cypress\types\cypress-npm-api.d.ts' file and so it has all the autocompletion for it's arguments, for example 'e2e'. 
In IntelliJ (I tried IDEA 2022.1), `defineConfig` call is not resolved and so it does not suggest any meaningful autocomplete suggestions.
Why doesn't it work and how can I configure the project to make it work like in VSCode?

Sample project to reproduce: https://github.com/mbolotov/intellij-cypress-examples/blob/main/debug


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