I need some tools for fixing git conflicts inside of PhpStorm

Working with  PhpStorm 2021 I use console for all git commands.
But fixing git conflicts inside of PhpStorm I found it unconvinient to fix it one by one,
especially when working with big file and I need to select one choice
for all conflicts.
Are there some plugins for conflicts fixing inside of PhpStorm ?



Well, there's built-in Git integration that comes with conflict resolver, see https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/resolve-conflicts.html


I did not find this tool :  https://prnt.sc/meOcxA6dXE7g

How can I open ? Is your link relative to PhpStorm 2021 ?


What version exactly are you running? You can select the documentation version for your case in a upper left dropdown menu:

Anyway, as described there: conflicts may arise when you attempt to perform one of the following operations: pullmergerebasecherry-pickunstash changes or apply a patch

So, in order for a "Resolve conflicts" window to appear - you need to perform one of the operations listed above using PhpStorm UI.


Thanks! as in PhpStorm 2021.1

1) I do not use any git and I use console for all git commands I think git option is diasbled somewhere in my PhpStorm settings. Please remind where this option is located? I will try to activate it and have access to conflict resolver ?


2) Are there some programs like conflict resolver out of PhpStorm?


1) First, make sure "Git" plugin is enabled at File | Settings | Plugins. Then, go to File | Settings | Version Control | Directory Mappings and check that your project directory is listed there. That should be it.


2) No, there are no standalone GIT clients based on PhpStorm GIT integration, though that's a popular request: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-152437/Make-git-client-a-standalone-app


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