Automatically Run Refactorings Headless or Standalone


For my master thesis, I'm exploring ways of doing automatic refactorings. The refactorings should run based on a "recipe" that defines what needs to be changed.

Is there a way to do refactorings 1. completely triggered by code and 2. by starting intellij in a headless mode or even better completely standalone?

I know there is GrammarKit and the two posts:

I wondered if there are some new possibilities/something more suited for my usecase.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards, Raphael

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Doing this standalone and headless is not quite easy to achieve. Building a plugin that performs refactorings programmatically inside the running IDE is quite possible, though.

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Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately, building a plugin is not what I am looking for. The tool I have in mind is something that can integrate with all kinds of different existing tools and can be run from the command line without the need to install a whole lot of tools upfront. If you, or someone else, happens to know of easy ways to refactor code programmatically, preferably with support for multiple languages, please let me know.


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