Run on target for CMake Applications not possible?


I'm sucessfully building QNX executables in CLion with CMake.

I get autogenerated "CMake Applications" as Run Targets, which of course, say that the binary is not a win32 application (cross compiled for qnx).

However, in the Run menu I can manage Targets and successfully add a ssh server target, which should do what I want it to do. Upload the executable to /tmp and run it..

But I cannot find a setting for Running the selected CMake Application on a specific target.

Any help?

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Sorry for the delay in response.

Run targets are not properly supported in CLion currently.

You can try using the Remote GDB Server configuration - It builds your target locally, uploads the binary to the remote machine, launches it under gdbserver, and connects the CLion debugger. But it's intended only for debugging, not running.


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