idea plugin in debug mode,method threw java.lang.noclassdeffounderror


i meet the same question int this:

the plugin dependency a jar A, A depend JAR B ,when debug plugin . the plugin use method in jar A,then A use a method in B .

plugin  threw java.lang.noclassdeffounderror ,detailmessage could not initialize class xxxx



It is not possible to help without more details.

Please share your project sources, or at least the Gradle build script and related files, plugin.xml, and full stacktrace.


@Karol Lewandowski hello ,because the project cannot removed from my company,i meet the question with this

can you see his track?


This question is old, and the Gradle IntelliJ Plugin version used in their build script is very outdated: 0.3.12. Please understand, that this kind of error can be caused by tens of different reasons and I need precise information to be able to help.

If your case is the same, which is very unlikely, you should first update Gradle and Gradle IntelliJ Plugin to the latest versions.


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