IDE sometimes loses track of TODO items

sice i've upgraded to 2022.1 version i have a strange bug with TODO line comments. When i create the TODO all is ok, but, sometimes, when i change the active file and come back to the one with the TODO, the TODO is not recognised as TODO anymore, but it seems a standard comment line. If i place the cursor on the comment line and hit 'space' it comes back as a TODO.

This happens also when i close and reopen the IDE: some TODO are randomly no more recognised.


This is the code when i create the TODO:

but when i come back to the file sometimes this is the situation:

the issue didn't exist with the 2021.1.2 version (my previous version).

This is annoyng as i don't see them anymore in the TODO tab and i cant keep track of them.



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That appears to be a known issue: though we are unable to reproduce it. Please vote for it in order to get notified about its updates & increase its priority. 


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