Extra blank line when opening brace entered

I'm using PHPStorm 2022.2.1 and a recent update introduced a change in behaviour that I cannot work out how to fix.

When I press ENTER after an opening brace, previously a blank line and a closing brace one a new line are added.  Now, when I press ENTER *two* blank lines and a closing brace are added.  This is surprisingly frustrating but I cannot work out where it is configured.


function () {<ENTER> resulted in this

function () {


But now:

function () {<ENTER> results in this

function () {


None of the code styling options seem to configure this but that's probably because I never change anything and don't know my way around.  Any help would be appreciated!  



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Thank you so much!!  I would never have thought to look at the plugins.  Hugely appreciated :)


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