WebStorm 2022.2 - no find on "mouse wheel" to use mouse wheel to enlarge/diminish font size - where did it go

It's September 23, 2022 as I write this and I have had ZERO luck using the Settings search box to find where on God's green Earth within the deep dark underworld of WebStorm 2022.2 they have hidden (or removed?) the ability to set a tiny little checkbox that says the mouse wheel can be used to dynamically enlarge/diminish the font size of the current window.  Years (maybe a decade?) ago, this was dirt simple to find and dirt simple to set.  Now, it seems, it is either completely gone or so well hidden only the people who work at JetBrains can find it.

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It's Settings | Editor | General, Change font size with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel

This option can be easily found by entering mouse wheel in the search box:


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