UAST API not available as expect.


I am trying to build a IntelliJ plugin. Currently, I'm using Community Edition 2022.2.2 Build #IC-222.4167.29. I would like to use UAST and trying to convert a PsiElement to UAST element buy using toUElement extension method like what this page is suggesting. I am having no luck so far as if the project does not have any UAST dependencies. My question is how can I work with UAST when development for a IntelliJ for Kotlin



Please provide us with more details.

What does it mean that API is not available?

Does it compile?

Do you have any errors?

What is the code using the UAST API?

What are your Gradle build script and plugin.xml configurations?


Thanks everyone. I followed the setup in this page and UAST api like toUElement becomes available in the classpath now. 


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