PHPStorm high load CPU on Mac


I noticed that for some reason PHPStorm uses 1000% of my CPU. As I see from the activity monitor this is because of ' Javascript and Typescript ' plugin. 

Any suggestions on how can I solve this issue? 


We need to check what's causing this. Please reproduce the problem for at least half a minute while capturing CPU snapshot. Here's an article describing this, see the "The CPU usage is high or IDE is slow" section. We also would need to check IDE logs: to collect them please run Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data and share resulting archive. You can send this all to us using Help | Contact Support or via upload at & letting us know the upload ID.



Upload id: 2022_09_27_SFdNJ3Jvn4yRBSmMER1Lwm (files:,

Hello Svyatoslav, Sorry for such a delay. We are looking into the issue and will get back to you as soon as possible. Regards, Oksana WebStorm team
Unfortunately, the CPU snapshot didn't give enough information to determine the root cause. Could you please provide a project where the issue can be reproduced? That would be very helpful.

Unfortunately, I can't. 

Is there another way to investigate this issue and find a silution? 


Maybe you can try composing a sample project with a similar configuration where the issue can be reproduced?


Memory related issues are a known problem; I would kindly suggest to the Jetbrains team to provide a way to US THE USERS to find out a way to deal with that, as I have seen many posts about this problem. For example something that is a REAL issue is that NO MATTER how much RAM / CPU a device can have, PHPStorm (in my case) takes a percentage of it; some users have reported that it is NORMAL that if they have 64 GB memory, the IDE takes 15-16 of RAM... that is a LOT !!!!

I know that the are plugins that use more memory than other, like Laravel IDEA... is acceptable since it work with all references BUT.. it would be a better solution for the user to have the IDE to take a SPECIFIC or TOP memory ACCORDINGLY to the ram usage, THAN a percentage as it seems it happends.

Also (may be is not the place to request this) is better to ADD a PLUGIN RAM USAGE window or place to see this; and this will help also to the Jetbrains teams, as I can't image having a LOT of memory issues and having so many SNAPSHOTS to check, it is to much work. 

So... please at least let me know if you can consider this...

I love PHPStorm so my comment is to have the user experiencie in a better level.


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