Rubocop ignores .yml file

Hi all,

I am on Rubymine 2022.2.2, RM-222.4167.28

I have Rubocop installed and am leveraging standard, but I am configuring .rubocop.yml to modify standard slightly on a few areas where it's a sticking point with our team.

When I run `bundle exec rubocop` in my terminal, it respects my .yml, but when I run it via Rubymine (code > analyze code > run inspection by name > Rubocop, it totally ignores my .rubocop.yml

I still want to leverage standard, just make a few tweaks. No idea why it's not reading and respecting my .rubocop.yml file - any ideas?

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Could you please specify whether the rubocop.yml file resides in the project's root or not. In addition, do you have Gemfile present in your project?


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