Side-by-side viewer - automatically focus on right side or jump to right side via shortcut?


Is there a way, when opening a side-by-side viewer window, to automatically focus on the right side of the viewer? Or is there a shortcut to jump to the right side?

When reviewing pull requests I like to checkout the branch in IntelliJ IDEA and compare it to the base branch. This opens the changes window where all changed files displayed. By clicking on a file it opens the side-by-side viewer with the file in the base branch on the left and the working file on the right. It also places the cursor on the left side.

However, I would like to place the cursor on the right side (i. e. in the working file) so I can view the changes better (if something was added to the end of the file and the cursor is placed on the left side at the end of the file you can't see the changes on the right completely) and to easily edit the file on the right.

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If you place the cursor on the right (via mouse) and then you compare the next file (e.g. via Alt-Shift-Right) the cursor will be placed automatically on the right side.


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